Competent - Professional - Successful

The Hallmarks of My Success

  • Executive Sales Associate
  • 2012 Realtor of the Year
  • Career Sales Leader - Both office and company wide
  • Director, First Weber Group Charitable Foundation
  • Past Director, Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors (GMAR)
  • Recipient of the Dedicated Service Award from the GMAR
  • Sales trainer for GMAR's Pathway to Professionalism course
  • Consistent recipient of "Five Star Best in Client Satisfaction" real estate agent in Milwaukee Magazine
  • Award-Winning Relocation Specialist
  • Graduate Realtor's Institute (GRI)
  • Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)

Buying or selling a home is one of the most significant steps in life, both emotionally and financially. That's why it is so important to work with a real estate broker who understands your unique needs and has the experience, knowledge and commitment to make the process smooth and satisfying. Whether you're looking to find the home of your dreams or sell your cherished home to the right buyer, working with Cindy is sure to be a moving experience for you.

Put yourself in competent hands. "Cindy helped us by taking care of all the issues. She will have our business for life." - Cynthia and Jack O.

In any real estate transaction, there are many details to consider and issues to address. Home features, location, paperwork, marketing, pricing, offers, counteroffers, financing...the list goes on and on. When you put Cindy Fleming to work for you, buying or selling a home suddenly becomes very easy. You can sit back, relax and enjoy her experience. Cindy listens carefully to your needs and works closely with you from start to finish giving you total peace of mind. A skilled negotiator, she is committed to serving your best interests. If you have questions along the way, Cindy and her staff are always readily accessible to you. Should any challenges arise, she will deal with them quickly and capably. And when decisions need to be made, her advice to you draws from years of experience.

When you need professional help. "Your responsiveness, professionalism, and dedication to your clients must be viewed as the gold standard in your industry. More people need to experience what a pleasure it can be to buy or sell a property through you." - Dr. Michael L.

In real estate, the help of a true professional can make all the difference in the world. Cindy will make your real estate experience the very best it can be. She has a thorough understanding of the industry and the local marketplace. And she has the experience, talent and resources to meet your specific needs. Concern for her clients and a commitment to providing the best service has made Cindy a consistent sales leader with First Weber.

An ongoing success story. "Cindy Fleming was outstanding. She is truly the very best at what she does." - Jim M.

Working with Cindy is always a moving experience, literally. Whether looking to buy or sell, Cindy's clients quickly find themselves packing up and moving--either in or out. And they do so with a smile on their faces--thoroughly pleased with the results of their real estate transaction. Her consistent success as a real estate broker has brought her a long list of happy, satisfied customers, a strong referral network and the respect of her peers.

What Cindy Offers

  • Effective Online Marketing
  • Outstanding Advertising
  • Thorough Knowledge of the Real Estate Market
  • Strong Negotiation and Contract Management Skills

Cindy's awards and recognition are derived from real results. She is a dedicated professional, an energetic performer and above all, really enjoys her career and helping others achieve their goals. Her aggressive and thorough marketing strategy, both in print and on the internet, has proven successful throughout her career, regardless of fluctuations in the real estate market. With a friendly, easygoing nature, personable communication skills and an in-depth knowledge of her profession, clients often comment on having a high confidence level in her and, above all, trust.

Cindy's Story

“Love Where You’re Going…And How You Get There.”

Two straightforward statements—both equally important, and both perfectly reflecting the attitude and spirit of Cindy Fleming—Broker, Realtor®, and Senior Executive Associate at First Weber's Brookfield office.  If there is one Realtor out there that will make you want to get down to business and joyfully persevere, Cindy is that agent.  

Cindy has a refreshing and energizing outlook on life that carries her through her career.  She believes that there are many different reasons and ways to help people in this world; we all have something to offer, but it depends on whether or not we choose to utilize our skills.  Cindy’s talents in business and communication are clearly meant to be used in the real estate world, as that is where her abilities flourish. 

“I am fair, honest and direct, it’s how I’m wired.  I’m very transparent, and I am very confident about my abilities.  I really believe I am the best person for the job.”  With the confidence that Cindy exudes, you can rest assured your needs will be taken care of.  With Cindy, you get exactly who you see.  The person you meet at the beginning of your transaction is the exact same person you will have throughout the entire buying/selling journey.

She loves to communicate, negotiate and take on a challenge—three very valuable traits that can turn an ordinary agent into an extraordinary one, such as Cindy.  She radiates a “glass half full” type of attitude, which is a rare, yet treasured, quality these days.  “I love what I do! It doesn’t feel like work, it’s just me living life.”  She often will assist her clients with home staging tips and tricks - practicing this fun hobby in her transactions is one of the simple ways Cindy brings joy into her work.  “You have to laugh off the small stuff and not take everything too personally.  I have had clients tell me they couldn’t believe I put up with them; I need to help them work through their own frustrations and those the market places upon them… I am comfortable helping and coaching different types of people.”

Many agents can fall behind due to the pace at which the market changes and technology advances, but not Cindy.  In fact, Cindy’s pace is one that motivates others to strive to keep up with her.  “I have a pace, and it’s quick… If you don’t adapt, you’ll be left in the dust.”  Cindy thrives on the constantly moving market and the variety of clients that come her way because of it. 

Whether it’s due to an upgrade or a downgrade, a job transfer or the passing of a loved one, Cindy has the experience to help clients through whatever walks of life brought them to her.  She knows it’s up to her to get the job done in the right way.  To do this, Cindy follows some commendable guidelines to ensure her clients are fully informed and taken care of through the whole process.  “I think about what is driving them.  I always remain calm and explain the process.  I’m there to reassure and reinforce.  I don’t determine the price of their home; I educate based on the market and market trends.  I’ll give my clients a base of knowledge to help them understand what we are doing.”

Cindy feels education is very important. She helps each of her clients think like either a buyer or a seller, depending on what side of the transaction they are on.  She is a fantastic listener, and will always remain accountable and responsible for her actions during a transaction.

In addition to helping educate her clients, Cindy believes in educating other Realtors, as well.  She teaches a class for the GMAR (Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors) called Pathways to Professionalism.  Here, she educates new agents from many different companies throughout the state.  She knows that the entire real estate process flows much smoother if agents on both sides work together in a professional, ethical manner.  

Cindy has a way of enjoying life in a way that most people long for.  She takes pleasure in her work, but she also cherishes the journey that brought her to this point.  Cindy was born in New York, but moved to Brookfield, Wisconsin at a young age due to a job transfer for her father.  To this day she is occasionally asked “where in New York are you from”?  She chalks that up to her direct manner, her confidence and perhaps the fact that she can barely talk without using her hands.  Her background in business was in banking and then international sales for the Jos. Schlitz and G. Heileman Brewing Companies.  Eventually her skills lead her to a career in real estate, because she knew they would be a great match for this industry.

She is the second oldest of six siblings, and the oldest girl of the bunch.  She grew up helping her younger siblings, which makes sense as to why she still loves helping and taking care of people today.  Cindy is one of a select few who ended up marrying her high school sweetheart, Jerry.  Jerry currently helps Cindy with her business now, and they make as great of a team in real estate as they do in their happy marriage.  The two met in band, where they were both accomplished musicians; he played trumpet and she played the flute and piano.  She accompanied him in state competitions, and he now accompanies her in real estate after retiring as an IT Executive.  They have now been together for 43 fabulous years. 

Cindy and Jerry have raised two daughters, and have two grandchildren.  “My daughters are my greatest achievements … they are very strong, independent women with wonderful hearts,” said Cindy.  Earlier on in her career while the kids were still young, Cindy acknowledged that Jerry was always an equal partner in raising the girls and thereby helping her pursue her professional dreams.  “I was a better mom as a working mom.”  Cindy has always known what makes her tick, and she was able to balance motherhood and her career in a way that allowed her to become the best version of herself.   

Jerry, the loyal man that he is, would say he is incredibly proud of the reputation Cindy has earned in the business.  They each have different strengths and weaknesses, which provides the perfect balance for them to assist and support each other in any journey they embark on.        

Anyone who knows Cindy knows that she absolutely loves to entertain.  It’s no surprise that Cindy delights in being around people!  “It’s a natural thing for me to invite company over, sometimes at the spur of the moment.”  She enjoys cooking, entertaining and the fellowship of friends, even after a long work day.  Her husband does as well, again providing the balance that is inherent in their relationship.  Her accomplishments in life—in business, family and friends—are true testaments to Cindy’s passionate, wonderful heart.         

Cindy Fleming is an incredible person to know.  Whether it’s in a real estate transaction or as a friend, her energy will keep you motivated and her spirit will keep you refreshed.  Having a good agent is one thing, but having an experienced agent who holds onto hope and joy, like Cindy, is another.  Cindy knows who she is, what she’s good at and what she loves.  Together, those qualities make up an honest, results-driven and optimistic Realtor.  No matter what the situation is, Cindy wants to help you.  If you let her, the outcome will be one filled with positivity and achieved goals. 

My recent transactions

N36W23471 Oak Hill Ln
N36W23471 Oak Hill Ln
Pewaukee, WI
Sold Price: $895,000
5 bd | 4 full ba | 1 half ba
Listed by First Weber Realtors
N36W23471 Oak Hill Ln
990 S Springdale Rd
990 S Springdale Rd
Waukesha, WI
Sold Price: $480,000
4 bd | 3 full ba | 1 half ba
Listed by First Weber Realtors
990 S Springdale Rd
N57W27314 Autumn Run
N57W27314 Autumn Run
Lisbon, WI
Sold Price: $659,900
3 bd | 2 full ba | 1 half ba
Sold by First Weber Realtors
N57W27314 Autumn Run
N39W23610 Grey Fox Ct
N39W23610 Grey Fox Ct
Pewaukee, WI
Sold Price: $1,200,000
4 bd | 4 full ba | 1 half ba
Listed by First Weber Realtors
N39W23610 Grey Fox Ct